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Missing ♥

this is the german version of 'rockin america'.
i'll try to update the page in the next couple days.
for now , I just gonna write all my shit down.

2.8.06 19:27

sunday , after a 10 hour flight, i finally made it home.
at the airport, rossana, lilu, bibi, my sister and my mom welcomed me.
my hermitcrabbs made it. i love them a lot.
to say goodbye to america and everything about it was one of the biggest pain i've ever felt.
it feels weird i guess.
when i arrived home , a surpriseparty was already waiting for me. it was nice to see everyone. of course, my crabbs crashed the party
mona slept over.
the next days me and my sister went downtown to go shopping. i had to get sand for my hermitcrabbs and other few things.
at like 7 we picked up my grandma and went to the graveyard to see my dads grave. this is so akward. again, i couldnt believe it...
2.8.06 20:30

this is so bad. i cant take it .
4.8.06 04:12

ZzZ tonight was boring. I came home, bathed my hermitcrabs, played the pokemon cristall edition (HAHA I KNOW) and now I'm sitting here.
Friday me, rossi and my sis had a 'cool' night. it was a shower-bubbble party and i got drenched so bad. we met lola, katha, nata ect. it was their friends birthday.
saturday i stayed home and relaxed for a little. i played with my crabs as usually. and talked to pat of course <3
today (sunday) it was time for a familiy party. me, my sis and my mom went to my cousins house because she had a graduation party.
i took my 4 little cousins (all blondes, all girls) out to the playground. they are the cutest things ever.
now I'm going to tomorrow.
Ill be awake at 6. YOU know what that means. be online!
gnight world

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7.8.06 00:13

since wednesday im going to school again.
new teachers, new classes.
nope i dont like school.
teachers in germany suck. they think theyre so smart and so high leveled..but as soon as my math teacher walked in last tuesday , all i saw was a sweatty, fat pig that abarrely was being able to breathe.son of a bitch..

enough about that
MY CRAB CHANGED ITS SHELL.i am so happy. most people dont understand...SOOO HAPPY. when my computer is fixed im gonna put up new pictures. yay (NO EMO, DONT USE THE WORD YAY AS A EMO MYSPACE COMMENT; YOURE GAY)

today me, biljana and my sister went shopping. i got new pants and and a special gift for my boyfriend. i dunno ( EMO; DONT USE THE WORD DUNNO, YOURE NOT AS COOL AS YOU THINK YOU ARE), but its just perfect for him. and a got a little other ''treat''.. but hehe, thats my secret.

the last week wasnt the best. as i said,i dont like school, i dont like my mom yelling, i dont like being tired and i miss pat and thats the worst feeling in the world.
so i guess im just going to bed now..
im tired
and i have school tomorrow. yay

oh by the way, since i think this is the cutest pic ever, i had to put it up

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16.8.06 22:50

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