In loving memories..

Missing ♥

ummm by the way
i got an aquarium.

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26.9.06 23:33

it was like the old times.
thursday i hung with good friends again.
at first i met up with rossi and stephie in siegen and we walked around the sieg carre.
the elevator was a lot of fun.. we didnt know how to use it lalala^^
after the disaster we went over schulzes house. he still had a lot of beer and stuff left from another party. i like it. funfunfun.
we were supposed to walk home, but schulze got us a taxi.
at home i fell asleep immediately.
the next morning my grandma gave me a ride home.
i slept till like 3 or so, i called pat.
for the rest of the day i met up with lola and siegen.
we came to my house at like 9 and she stayed till 11.
30.9.06 11:20

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