In loving memories..

Missing ♥

and sometimes i look into your eyes and dont feel a thing.

hey myblog.
this day was fine i guess.
i went out for breakfast from 12 till 2 with my mom and hittas daddy.
im really excited to see larissa again, we used to have so much fun. we're prolly gonna go swimming or something, it depends.
then i went home and watched my aquarium for quite a while.
me and my sister also visited my grandma and she was really happy
to see us. she gave me a steinkrug with my fathers initials on it and some stuff from sri lanka.
i love sri lanka. thats where i learned how to walk.
i worked from 6-10. boring as usual.
and now im home and really excited for tomorrow because im gonna go to the gym and afterwards over lo's house, its his 18th birthday.
hopefully i get to see nice people*g
my sister asked me if i wanted to go to nightlife on friday.i dunno yet. 11 euro for entrance, drinks for free. niiiiiice.

goals for the next two weeks:
-loosing weight
-hanging out more with my tinkerbell
-getting a present for my sister
-getting my fish obsession under control
-getting together with larissa
-going to the gym a lot

yes. lets get back into life.
4.10.06 00:08

by the way..

new pics up.
4.10.06 01:31

tonight was so much fun.
i love pina colada.
i love rossi and lola . a lot a lot.
and dancing
thanks to basti for bringing me home.
6.10.06 13:03

lol i am so tired.
last night was funfunfnun.
i had to pay 9 euro to get in, but they let me drink for 30, which was pretty much amazing.
those suckers- no tequila sunrise.
but swimming pool instead was fine i guess.
rossi was only able to stay till 12.30 because she isnt 18 yet.
i took my sisters license and lola a friends ID muhaha
now im gonna carry my butt back into bed. tonight im going to the gym AND i'll defenetly stay home!!
last night was too much. im getting old i guess haha
6.10.06 16:25

6.10.06 20:19

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